Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber may release a breathtaking duet in the upcoming months. According to Belfast Telegraph newspaper, after a video was released on Selena Gomez´s official "Snapchat"where the young artist appears singing parts of the hit song "Let Me Love You," from her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, rumors that both finally could have a song together quickly broke the internet.

Did they make up?

They had dated for several years, yet Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber decided to never invest in a duet, for his passionate fans sadness. However, the long wait may have finally ended, at a time when the unstable relationship of the two young singersismore balanced than ever.

Selena singing Justin Bieber´s hit on tape

Surprisingly, Selena Gomez published an explosive video on her Snapchat, in which she appears lying and singing one of the newest songs of Justin Bieber, "Let Me Love You," which also includes the participation of DJ Snake, a personal friend of Bieber, as the Belfast Telegraph newspaper has reported.

Despite the huge distance that the two singers have always tried to keep, trying to finally go on with their personal lives, the truth is that both tend to speak regularly and their strong connection seems indestructible, after so many controversies and other failed relationships in recent years.

Possible collaboration gives fans the chills

Thousands of fans of the two singers have showed on social media great enthusiasm for the possibility of their idols finally making a collaboration, which would easily be a huge success, assessing the enormous expectations that such a collaboration would create for millions of fans around the world, that always support the “Jelena” romance. Currently, both are on tour, the possible announcement and release of the duet would take a few months.

However, the video ofSelena Gomez proves that everything is possible, having created great anxiety and excitement and putting the question in the air: will the couple "Jelena" finally decided to join and create something unique that can easily break all records for months?

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