Justin Bieber threatened to shut his fans off from his Instagram page if they keep posting hateful comments about his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie. Selena Gomez took to social media to give her ex a piece of her mind and she was applauded by her fans as well as Bieber's for doing so.

Selena sets Justin straight

Selena said bluntly that if Justin can't handle it, stop posting pictures of your girlfriend and she added that the things that go on between the two of them should remain private anyway.


Yes, the social media crowd went wild to think that Selena called Bieber out for acting like how a spoiled child might act. She also reminded Bieber that he is where he is today because of his fans, so these folks are the last people in the world he should be mad at!

Bieber peeved at reprimand

Bieber on the other hand appeared a bit peeved being corrected by the girl who was often seen as his soul-mate. While he didn't mention Selena's name, he basically said she used him for his fame.


He posted, "It's funny to see people that used me for attention and still try to point the finger this way." He then called this "sad" but signed out "all love."

Heat too hot, get out of the kitchen!

Bieber then posted to his fans that they should respect the people he likes and not be hating them on social media. What does this pop singer expect? He is dating the 17-year-old daughter of singer Lionel Richie, which puts her within the same age group for many of his fans, so they are bound to get a bit jealous. Bieber is a heartthrob, his poster is probably in millions of tweens and teens' bedrooms worldwide.

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Justin Bieber

Hating on fans?

Posting the pictures of the 17-year-old he is romancing is not the way to make his fans happy. Many of them have dreams of meeting the 22-year-old and dating him themselves in a teenage fantasy sort of way, so Richie is seen as a rival. Selena gave him a good piece of advice, but will he heed this or go on peeving off his fans by offering his romance in pictures on social media?

Being only 17 doesn't stop Richie from traveling the world with Bieber, who is 22.  The two jetted off to Japan and pictures posted show the two of them in Tokyo, where Bieber's tour engagements were over the weekend.

Richie will turn 18 at the end of August.

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