It looks like Sean Hannity has taken his Donald Trump loyalty a bit too far because it's now to the point that some of the respected journalists of today are calling Hannity an "embarrassment" to Fox News. He is so far up Trump's campaign that there's only one thing he could be vying for and that is a prestigious position in Trump's cabinet, which is being suggested in some of the new reports today.

Paving the way for a cabinet position?

According to The Washington Post, when Hannity was asked about his obsession-like presentation with all things Trump, he replied that he's not a journalist, which apparently gives him the green light for blatantly swaying on the side of the candidate at all times while in the public eye, which includes when he's on the air at Fox News.


By Hannity demonstrating how he eats, breathes, and lives all things Trump, he has given the GOP candidate an exorbitant amount of free advertising since he's started down the campaign trail... and it's all good!

Hannity offers plenty of free advertising for Trump

Salon is reporting that the total amount of free advertising Hannity has awarded Trump on Fox News would have cost the GOP candidate $31 million since the start of his campaign. The New York Times reports Trumps has had a whooping $2 billion in free news coverage since the start of his campaign across all the networks and news media.


While Trump is bashed, ridiculed and mocked in a sizable portion of the free coverage he's been awarded, the GOP candidate is treated like royalty by Hannity, who appears as a constant advocate for the man!

While Hannity's Twitter page does reflect other news, a good majority of his tweets are all about Trump and all very positive and upbeat like the one above!

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So is the Fox non-journalist vying for a spot on the President Trump cabinet come January of next year?  Only time will tell! Mother Jones suggests all this "fawning" Hannity is doing for Trump will probably get him nowhere. They also suggest that Hannity is "prostituting himself" for the GOP candidate and making his time on Fox resemble a second campaign headquarters for Trump. They too call it an embarrassment to watch!

Long line of embarrassments for Fox?

As a journalist, you are reporting the news, but by Hannity claiming he is not a journalist, he feels he has a ticket to keep Trump in a favorable light no matter what.

Along with reporting on Trump's campaign, Hannity is advising Trump in all things media. A true journalist reports the news, not takes sides with the news. The same goes for a news analyst who literally takes the news and makes sense of all the different angles that are coming at you! It looks like Hannity really doesn't care what people are saying and as far as an embarrassment to Fox, there's a long line of men today that might fit that bill for other reasons, just read the documents online from Fox News analyst Andrea Tantaros who is suing the cable network!

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