Another big name, former Senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts, has popped out of the lawsuit documents filed by Fox News analystAndrea Tantaros today. Tantarosoffered up the graphic details of what is going on behind-the-scene at Fox News via her lawsuit documents. Jaws are dropping around the nation today as the allegations made by Tantaros include names you might never expect to hear coming out of a sexual harassment lawsuit, like former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown.

Jaw-dropping reveal

According to the Raw Story today, she's named names and some of those folks are already on the defensive. Roger Ailes is just the one piece of this puzzle with Bill O'Reilly and ex-Senator Scott Brown also named as men who came on to her.

Can of worms

One big can of worms has been opened by Tantaros who is accusing former Senator Scott Brown of "groping her" in the cafeteria and making "sexually suggestive comments." He has already come out to deny these claims, but he is now among a group of men mentioned in a lawsuit filed by Tantaros, so whether it is true or not, this will stick with him for a while!

It didn't take Brown long to speak with the media about the accusations made by Tantaros. The former Massachusetts Senator claims her accusations are "totally false." While nothing has been heard from Bill O'Reilly yet on the accusations against him, Brown jumped right on the accusations denying that they are true.

Tantaros said that back on August 15, 2015, Brown appeared as a guest on the show Outnumbered, which is the show Andrea co-hosted before she was mysteriously taken off the air. The lawsuit cites Brown as making inappropriate comments to Tantaros while they were still on the Outnumbered set.

Brown allegedly said to Tantaros said that shemight be fun to take out to a nightclub.

Lunchtime groping

It was while Tantaros was at lunch in the Fox News cafeteria that the former Senator allegedly came up from behind her and he put his hands around her "lower waist." Tantaros, who was buying her lunch at the time, pulled back immediately and told Brown to "stop," which is what the documents convey. Tantaros reported this event to Bill Shine, who was a top executive at Fox back then. Today he has taken over Ailes vacant CEO spot.

Tantaros made Shine promise not to book Brownon Outnumbered again and Shine said that he would talk to Brown.

Despite Andrea's complaints, Brown was booked on her show again. Fox continued to use him as an Outnumberedguest.Scott Brown adamantlydenies the claims and said that his interactions with Tantaros have always been "professional and cordial."

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