Scheana Marie Shay shared a photo of herself and her co-stars, Brittany Cartwright and Ariana Madix, on Instagram days ago, but is it a hint at the Vanderpump Rules season five cast? After the singer/actress posted the photo, several fans weighed in with comments about the upcoming season.

"Ummmm[Katie Maloney] where r u!?"Shayasked in the caption of her post. Then, she added the hashtag, "Pump Rules," hinting that the photo shoot they appeared to be taking part in could either be a cast photo shoot or a photo shoot which would be seen during the upcoming season of the show.

Although the shoot could have beensome sort of photo shoot for season five as it took place at SUR Lounge, where the series is shot, the absences of Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Douteseem to hint that it was not.

After all, Schroeder has been filming more and more in recent months and Doute has been a main cast member since the series began airing in 2013.

All is well between Scheana Shay and Ariana Madix

During Vanderpump Rules season four, Scheana Marie Shay and her co-star and longtime friend, Madix, were seen on the outs after Shay reportedly told Madix's mother that she didn't seem happy after embarking on a relationship with Tom Sandoval, who also stars on the series. After learning that Shay was speaking to her mother behind her back, Madix felt betrayed and didn't understand Shay's feelings.While it is unclear what happened that brought the two women together again, they have been spotted together quite frequently throughout the last several weeks and appear to have completely reconciled their friendship.

Scheana Shay has grown close to Brittany Cartwright

Since Cartwright began dating Shay's co-star and friend, Jax Taylor, the ladies have become quite close. In addition to working together at SUR Lounge, where Vanderpump Rules is filmed, Shay and Cartwright are often seen together on social media, and traveled to New Orleans just weeks ago to celebrate Katie Maloney's bachelorette festivities.

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