Indeed, it may be a while before Ryan Lochte recovers from the fallout of #LochteGate. After it became known that his story of being robbed at gunpoint at Rio was a lie, and that he and three of his fellow U.S. Olympic swimmers actually vandalized a gas station rest room, Lochte became the subject of widespread derision on social media. On a more serious note, he lost all of his major endorsement deals as a result of the scandal, and will have to make do with endorsing cough drops instead of swimwear or men’s apparel.

Now, the disgraced 12-time Olympic medalist has gotten roasted once again, this time by Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, who was at the MTV Video Music Awards dressed as, and giving an impression of Lochte, complete with bleached-blonde wig, medal, and track jacket.

Fallon quotes Justin Bieber’s recent hit “Sorry” as he presents award

Fallon, who was on stage at the VMAs to present the Video of the Year award, didn’t waste any time lampooning Lochte, asking if it’s “too late now to say sorry,” in reference to the Justin Bieber song “Sorry.” He also took credit for filming all the nominees for Video of the Year, adding that he “had a 30-way” with Kanye West, made the Lemonade album with Beyoncé, and sneaking in even more references to Lochte and his “bro” persona.

“That’s my jam,” said Fallon right after he sang the famous line from “Sorry,” before adding that he “wrote it, produced it, and directed the vid-jeah.” Naturally, the pronunciation of the word “video” was a dig at Lochte’s “jeah” catchphrase, which had defined him in better days before the Rio scandal.

Michael Phelps was a fan of Fallon’s Ryan Lochte impersonation

There were several U.S. Olympians from the 2016 Rio Games present at the VMAs, but none more prominent than Michael Phelps, Lochte’s swimming teammate and the owner of a record 23 Olympic gold medals.

Not surprisingly, he appeared to be a fan of Fallon’s impersonation of his controversial teammate, exclaiming “Oh my God!” as he pulled out his cell phone to film the parody as it happened.

Phelps also seemed to approve of Fallon’s last joke in the impression, as he quipped that the Video of the Year nominees are “so good, (he) couldn’t choose, even if there was a gun to (his) head.” The wisecrack drew lots of laughs from the crowd, but some were visibly shocked that Fallon would go there and reference the fake robberyat gunpoint story.

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