akshay kumar's new movie Rustomhas hit the theaters on August 12, 2016. According to initial reports, the action icon has once again delivered an intriguing performance, and in all probabilities, it will develop as a huge hit just like Airlift.

This Tinu Desai directorial is basically a courtroom drama, and it is blended nicely with elements of thrill and emotions.

A real incident based on a cold blooded homicide

As we all know, this film is based on the real-life incident which happened in the life of Nanavati, a Naval officer.

Akshay Kumar does the title role of Rustam in this flick.

On one unfortunate day, he realizes that his wife Cyntia Pavri is in love with another guy.This revelation shocks the young Navy officer, and he soon goes to his base, collects a pistol and kills his wife's alleged boyfriend.

After committing the murder, he goes to the police station and surrenders himself. Will court declare Rustom as guilty under section 302, and this forms the major crux of this story.

Khiladi steals the show

This feature is blessed with the presence of some top-rated performers.

The lead star has portrayed an excellent show in this film, and just likeSpecial 26, the actor has toned down himself to meet the needs of the character. His looks were sharp, and moreover, it was literally deceptive in nature.

Esha Gupta also has a played a crucial role in the film.

Here is the trailer video:

Ileana D'Cruz has done the role of Rustom's better half in this outing.

The ravishing starlet was awesome , while the supporting star cast too did a decent job.

Box-office expectations:

Rustom will clash with another Hindi movie starring Hrithik. But according to experts, this flick will emerge as the winner as the expected collections on dayone is said to be around Rs 10-12 crores.

Overall it will cross the Rs 100 cr mark easily.

The final call

If you are a moviegoer who wishes to watch an edge of the seat thrillers, then book tickets for this Desai directorial, and it won't disappoint you for sure.

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