Adam Newman is facing difficult decisions this week on The Young and the Restless and it seems that actor Justin Hartley has tough choices to make off-screen as well. As many fans know, he has a new show premiering this fall on NBC titled This Is Us and viewers wonder if he will depart Y&R to focus on primetime. What's known so far?

Justin Hartley will be taking a break

Previously, Justin Hartley had detailed that he would be taking a break from TheYoung and the Restless this fall, and it looks like that break will likely be starting soon.

Adam, Chelsea, and Connor were planning to go on the run, but Y&R spoilers tease that this plan may have to be shelved and it sounds as if Adam will be written out in some way for a while as Chelsea and Connor return to Genoa City and get closer to Nick.

As Soap Opera Digest shared online, Hartley has indicated that he is glad that he is not the person who will ultimately have to make the decision whether he can continue with both Young and Restless as well as This Is Us. Of course, it is not unheard of for actors in the land of soap operas to be on two shows at once.

Tristan Rogers bounces back-and-forth between Y&R and General Hospital, and a handful of other actors have parts on two shows at once as well. However, that may be harder to orchestrate in Justin's situation.

In the recent print edition of Soap Opera Digest, an insider shared that ultimately Hartley is ready to leave Young and Restless behind to focus on primetime exclusively. The insider reports that there are no hard feelings for him toward the soap, and that Justin has enjoyed his time on Y&R, but that it is unlikely that he will return after this break.

IsYoung and Restless working on recasting the role?

SheKnows Soaps indicates that the show recently put out a casting call for a character that sounds a great deal like Adam Newman, but recasting this character after bringing Hartley in to replace Michael Muhney might be a tough transition to do with viewers. Muhney's firing prompted a lot of outrage for fans, but Justin has managed to win many back over.

Can someone new do the same, or will Adam need to just stay off the canvas?

At this point, neither CBSnor Justin Hartley are saying anything official other than the fact that the actor will take a break for a bit as NBC's This Is Us ramps up and premieres. What do you think the show should do about Adam Newman if indeed the actor leaves for good?

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