When it comes to amazing voices, Adele is known as one of the best in the business. So much so that rumor has it that she is being eyed to be the halftime act at the 2017 Super Bowl taking place in February. TMZ is reporting that the British singer is almost locked into the deal performing her music at the biggest football game of the year, but she is hesitating because of how nervous she gets in front of so many people. Admitting to having to tackle her nerves in the past, this is a real big deal for her.

Rolling in the deep of her nerves

In previous interviews, Adele has admitted just how badly her nerves get when she gets ready to perform in front of a big audience, and it is not pretty either. In the past she has thrown up before she performs and even has panic attacks. It seems to take a lot for her to go out on a tour as this has happened quite often.

This is a huge obstacle that she would have to face when it comes to the audience at the Super Bowl. Not only is there thousands of people at the game, but millions of other football fans will be watching her sing on TV as well.

Just thinking about it may just have her turning this gig down really quick, especially considering there were 111.9 million people watching last year’s halftime show.

Hello, can you hear your fans?

From an Adele fan’s point of view, this would be a wonderful thing and they may think that she should just say yes. Considering that her concerts have sold out wherever she goes, this would be a huge opportunity to make them quite happy.

If she can just get through her nerves and realize that this is yet another feather in her cap of amazing opportunities in the U.S., then she should just grab it and run with it.

Send her your love

It sounds like what Adele really needs is some extra love and support from her fans. Of course, many people do know exactly what it’s like to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, but the “Someone Like You” singer has gotten through many sold out shows.

Her fans will have to wait to see if she does take the plunge. Her reps have apparently declined to comment just yet.

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