Comedienne Rosie O'Donnell of "The View" is all smiles after being reunited with her estranged teen daughter Chelsea. But photos show that she may have found all or part of the weight she lost after gastric bypass surgery. If obesity is still stalking O'Donnell it's probably due to one of these maintenance diet pitfalls post-weight loss. Some of them are physical but others are psychological. Rosie alluded to those after she dropped the pounds initially.

Rosie O'Donnell not keeping up with maintenance diet?

So having a gastric bypass is certainly one way to take off a lot of weight. But surgery doesn't shed as much as you might think.

Despite doctors' warnings of the post-operative follow-up work, people still expect it to be the magic bullet. With a gastric bypass you have to seriously amend your food intake and you should changepoor eating habits for healthier ones. After big weight loss, you can add a few verboten foods to your maintenance diet, but if you go back to what you were eating, the weight will come back.

Surgery and even diet isn't enough, sometimes

Doctors can't do the work for you. Surgery alone can't. No one can. Before having surgery, you should try everything you can to get yourself thin. Rosie O'Donnell claims she did just that. Weight loss surgery should be the last resort, not the first. If you don't change eating habits, you'll just go back to the old unhealthy ones afterwards and put all the weight back on.

Some Celebrities found that even diet isn't enough to get the look you're after. Chris Pratt had to stop eating junk and start a rigorous workout routine to get his chubby "Parks and Recreation" self to sexy, ripped Star-Lord. He toned up for his "Guardians of the Galaxy"role, and that's an important weight loss secret right there.

Get a vision and lose the fatitude

Rosie admitted that even after her dramatic 50-pound weight loss, she still thought of herself as a fat person. And therein lies the rub: you have to lose the body-shaming fatitude and get a better vision of yourself. Pratt had a goal to look like the Star-Lord (Peter Quill) superhero.

Other celebs who lost weight, like Shonda Rhimesof "Grey's Anatomy,"worked to overcome negative self-image. That positivity gave them the mojo to shed the pounds.

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