Have you gotten a look at Roseanne Barr recently? Remember the funny lady from "Roseanne" who said she was running for president? Barr might not win a political election but if there was a vote for most jaw-dropping weight loss, Roseanne Barr is definitely a contender. To kick off "Teen Mom OG" season two, the Houston Chronicle ran a slideshow of famous Hollywood teen moms (of which Roseanne was one). And she is almost unrecognizable from the days when she was morbidly obese.

When asked about her weight loss, Barr quipped that she found a "revolutionary diet."

Roseanne Barr and the Radical Diet

Barr was joking about her revolutionary way to lose weight. But whatever it is it seriously works. Roseanne said she simply ate less and moved more. As simple as those tips may be, they are core to weight loss. A debate wages over whether diet or exercise helps you lose weight faster. Ideally they work together, but if you had to choose one, it must be to eat less. Exercise alone won't shed weight.

It will tone you and firm up post-weight loss skin. Exercise will convert fat pounds to muscle pounds, improve your heart rate and coordination and do a host of other good things. But as other big celebrity weight loser like Chris Pratt, Carrie UnderwoodandQueen Latifah found -- it's about mind over platter. Then when you clean up your eating habits, exercise will burn fat and lower the scale number.

Diet changes are simple but not easy

So Roseanne Barr laid out a simple plan to lose weight -- eat less, move more. But simple is not easy, especially the eat less part. Food is an addiction for many people but it's not an addictive substance in the true sense of the term. Eating is a necessity. Unlike the smoker or alcoholic who can put down his addiction and never pick it up again, an overeater can never put down his fork for good.

Three times a day he has to partake in his addiction. Then there's the battle to change what you eat. Obesity is a thing because chocolate and pizza taste better than lettuce and broccoli. Roseanne may have been kidding about her diet tips but she was seriously correct.

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