De Niro, 73, opened Saturday’s 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival at the time, when he was asked his thoughts on Donald Trump’s candidacy for the job of U.S. president. He instantly said The Donald reminds him of his mentally disturbed character Travis Bickle in the 1976 film Taxi Driver. De Niro was presented with a digital version of the Martin Scorsese film Taxi Driver in order to mark the 40th anniversary of the iconic movie at the Sarajevo National Theater. The Sarajevo Film Festival was reportedly founded as an act of defiance close to the end of the 1992-1995 siege of the city during the Bosnian war.

This year saw De Niro honored with a lifetime achievement award for his amazing contribution to film.

Robert De Niro opens up on his views about Donald Trump

According to a report by the Independent, when asked his thoughts, the Hollywood actor told the audience in Sarajevo that what Donald Trump has been saying is totally crazy and ridiculous, adding that the whole situation is “totally nuts.” While he continued to roaring applause that Trump shouldn’t even be where he is right now, adding, “God help us.” However, Robert de Niro is only one of many who have spoken out this week, after Trump’s campaign headed into yet more uncharted and controversial territory.

Many are even seeking to question the very legitimacy of the U.S. election itself.

The week began with the Republican candidate implying that people could shoot his Democrat rival, Hillary Clinton. This reportedly led to a visit from the Secret Service to his campaign offices. The Donald also managed to claim that U.S.

President Barack Obama founded ISIS. His final and possibly most controversial statement was made while in Pennsylvania, saying the only way he could lose that state was if his Democrat opponent cheated. He told the audience at Altoona they will be watching closely in Pennsylvania to make sure people don’t come and vote five times, saying the only way they could then lose is if that type of cheating continued.

As reported by the Deccan Chronicle, Trump also managed to take yet another dig at many at the media, saying they are what he considers to be the “the lowest form of humanity.” The Donald blamed the media regularly for taking many of his controversial comments out of context, while the media itself pushed back, saying how crazy everything is.

Back to De Niro and the Sarajevo Film Festival

Meanwhile, on a more serious note, Robert de Niro told the city of Sarajevo that he will always treasure the award handed to him at the film festival. He said he doesn’t think there is another city in the world that has revealed such heart in the face of such tragedy.

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