Sci-fi animation is a rarity, even in a world as densely populated as modern pop-culture. This is because only a small section of the audience relates to this genre, and very few networks attempt to bridge that barrier. The adventures of Rick and Morty is one of those few shows that didn’t compromise on its big ideas, and fans ended up gravitating to it like Rick to a bottle of alcohol.

The show has been known to take big breaks between seasons, and the wait for season three seems longer than usual.

Luckily for fans of the show, two hilarious clips featuring our favorite grandfather-grandson duo are making the rounds on the internet, and they are quite ‘wubalubadubdub’!

An impromptu mini-episode

An important section of the team behind the series came together recently to create a mini-episode on the spot for fans awaiting the new season. The video include Dan Harmon - creator of the show, Justin Roiland – the voice of Rick and Morty, Spencer Grammer – the actress who voices Morty’s sister Summer, and Ryan Ridley – a writer on the show.

The four individuals delivered an on-the-spot episode for fans of the series, and the result is expectedly hilarious! You can watch the entire clip here:

Rick on trial

The second video that has been receiving a lot of attention online lately is a strange, and at times disturbing court case featuring the two protagonists of the show. The transcript of an actual case that took place in the Superior Court of Floyd County, Georgia was used as the script of this video, with Rick playing the role of the defendant, and Morty taking on the role of the judge.

This case occurred on May 17th, 2016, and the video was made shortly after by the creators of the show. You can watch the entire absurd clip here:

The events that unfolded during the case were truly bizarre, and almost unbelievable, which is why it fits so perfectly into the context of Rick and Morty’s world. Watching the two lovable characters enact the case actually humanized the otherwise shocking events in court.

Although the two videos did act as a healthy substitute for waiting impatiently, nothing could be better than watching the third season of the series hit Adult Swim. How do you think the third season will pan out? Until then, as Rick would say – Stay Schwifty!

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