RHONY Season 8 has been full of emotional outbursts, affair conspiracies, health scares, and catty fights.Andy Cohenpreviews that the reunion will be more of the same, with one additional claim -- Dorinda is using drugs. Andy reveals that the reunion will leave you speechless and you will be on the edge of your seat waiting for more of these "one of a kind New Yorker women."

The 'RHONY' dirt

Sonja Morgan announces that she has dirt on all the cast members and hopes that she doesn't have to use it during the reunion special. Dorinda Medley is accused of using drugs, and Romona Singer says that "everyone knows she is high all the time." Bethenny Frankel claims that Jules Wainstein agreed to be on RHONY to get a divorce on television.

She accuses her of using her personal marriage issues to make a few bucks. Jules is outraged and said, "This is a new low, even for Bethenny." Carole Radziwill accuses Luanne de Lesseps of not knowing all the men's names that she slept with, as well as called her a liar. It's all shaping up to be an action-packed reunion special.

Bethenny portrayed as the 'angry one'

RHONY spoilers tease that the cast gangs up on Bethenny and labels her the "mean one." She's had enough of being put in a position of defending her reaction to their shenanigans.

Frankel accuses Dorinda of being pretty angry this season, and wonders if there's more to the drug usage accusations, after all.

Multiple cast members threaten to quit

Sonja Morgan and Bethenny Frankel reportedly threaten to quit the show. Sonja gets up and announces that she's "done" with the show and doesn't "want anything to do with it anymore." Just a few weeks ago, Bethenny made a few comments that led the RHONY fans to believe that she may be considering leaving the show after this season.

Of course, Bethenny hasn't made an official announcement, but it is clear that this season has been rough for all the cast, as they have been at odds with each other most of the turbulent season.

RHONY fans, do you think Sonja Morgan or Bethenny Frankel will quit the show? Is Dorinda Medley using drugs?

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