Kelly Dodd was confronted about her bad behavior by Heather Dubrow on Monday night's new episode of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County. During the show, Dubrow expressed her surprise in Dodd's "screaming and vulgarity" at a recent cast dinner and informed the newest member of the cast that she's never been involved in such a volatileconversation.

"I was kind of shocked that you got so upset at me because I wasn't talking to you," Dodd explained to her co-star, according to a People Magazine report on Monday.

"It was a nightmare, and I'm really ashamed of myself, quite honestly."

Kelly Dodd's co-star doubts her behavior will improve

In a separate interview, Dubrow told cameras that Kelly Dodd's statements simply weren't enough. Although she acknowledged that it was a step in the right direction for Dodd to be admitting to her wrongdoings and showing remorse, she noted that their sushi dinner wasn't the first time Dodd had acted irrationally.

As Dodd continued her back and forth with Dubrow, Dubrow brought up Dodd's imitation of her during an earlier episode.

As she recalled, Dodd had poked fun at her behind her back after she left a group gathering. "Why would you do that?" Dubrow asked. In response, Dodd claimed she was upset that Dubrow had asked her to leave a dinner date she was attending.

"That wasn't your party!" Doddsaid. "That wasn't your place."

Kelly Dodd's vocabulary is offensive at times

During the dinner in question, Kelly Dodd used a number of vulgar words, which understandably didn't go over well with her co-stars, especially Dubrow, and in response to her offensive vocabulary, Durbow informed Dodd that she had no right to expect anyone to act any certain way towards her.

Still, Dodd insisted that her comments weren't aimed at Dubrow and apologized yet again.

"I didn't mean it towards you," she told Dubrow. "I was wrong! I admitted it. I'm not saying my behavior was right – it was wrong."

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