Carlton Gebbia and her husband David are the latest Real Housewives couple to part ways. Following news of an allegedly drunken outing by Gebbia at the end of last week, a source has confirmed the couple is now separated by still living together in Beverly Hills.

"Carlton and her husband have recently separated but are living together under the same roof for the wellness of their children," the source revealed toPEOPLEMagazine on August 25. According to the report, the couple was married for 18 years and shares three children together,Destiny, Mysteri and Cross.

Carlton Gebbia was featured on 'RHOBH' Season four

Carlton Gebbia and Joyce Giraud were brought to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for the show's 4th season. However, after just one season, which featured numerous fights between Gebbia and Kyle Richards, both women were let go.

Although Gebbia hit it off with Brandi Glanville, and the women remain friends, she doesn't appear to be close with any of her other former co-stars. Meanwhile, Giraud has become extremely close to Lisa Vanderpump but has not yet been seen in any further seasons.

Carlton Gebbia was hospitalized last week after an outing at a Los Angeles club

Last Friday night, as a TMZ report revealed, Carlton Gebbia was hospitalized after what was explained as a night of excessive drinking. According to the outlet, Gebbia was "barely conscious" when paramedics loaded her into an ambulance, and it appeared as though alcohol was to blame.

"[Gebbia] appeared unresponsive outside Bootsy Bellows.

She was eventually put into a wheelchair before paramedics arrived and placed her on a stretcher," the outlet revealed to readers.

Prior to Gebbia's dramatic exit from the club, a call was reported to transport a female who was unconscious. And while Gebbia has not yet released a statement regarding the incident, sources told TMZ that the former reality star's condition was the result of over drinking.

By Sunday, Carlton Gebbia was back at home in Beverly Hills and resting.

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