Fans of The CW'sSupergirl have likely heard that Frederick Schmidt is set to play Metallo in the Season 2 premiere on The CW. This will be the fourth time a television series has told the story of John Corben becoming Metallo, but the first time that he faces Kara Zor-El on TV.However, long beforeSupergirl debuted on CBS, the character had a battle with Metallo in the pages of DC Comics. And the story told inSupergirl, Vol. 5, #36 is nothing like what will happen toJohn Corben onSupergirl this fall.

Supergirl comic review

Jumping in at Part 8 of theNew Kryptonstory, this issue is titled "Death in the House of El, and things do not look good from the outset.

Supergirl is in a weakened state, her father has been severely wounded, and Superman is doing all he can to stop an army of Brainiac's robots from killing the New Kryptonians. Metallo is working with Reactron, but they have just escaped. In fact, they won't return to this story arc until the final chapter in Action Comics #873. This issue ofSupergirl goes on to deal with Kara's mother blaming Superman and Supergirl for the death of her husband, Kara's father. And she tries to deal with her mother and cousin taking opposing views — and now blaming herself for her father's death — she meets Superwoman for the first time, who encourages her to keep on fighting the good fight. And that's essentially where the issue ends.

Digging a little further into the DC Comics archives, a Metallo origin story comes up inAction Comics #23.4. Having been nearly killed by Superman and betrayed by the US military, John Corben is thought to be left for dead.

He is saved, however, by Scarecrow, who offers him a place in The Secret Society as Metallo.

Metallo on The CW'sSupergirl

While it's unlikely that Scarecrow will beappearing on DCTV anywhere outside ofGotham, rumor has it that John Corben will find his Metallo origin thanks to some sort of mysterious organization that gives him access to a kryptonite-powered suit that has the potential to defeat both Supergirl and Superman (who finally makes an appearance onSupergirl aside from a text message or IM).

Frederick Schmidt

The actor cast as John Corben (aka "Metallo") forSupergirlis Frederick Schmidt. He recently gained some attention for the role he played inAlleycats, and has also appeared in such movies asSnow in Paradise andStarred Up. He will also be featured in the TV seriesTaboo, which will be released on FX and BBC One.

Frederick Schmidt will play John Corben/Metallo in the Season 2 premiere ofSupergirl on The CW. The episode will air on Monday, October 10, at 8/7c.

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