Ending the season strong

UnRealisLifetime’s scripted television series about a fictional reality show called Everlasting. The show focuses on the producers of the show Quinn King and her number two producer Rachel Goldberg.Going into the finale, Rachel and Quinn were preparing to take down the scorned showrunner Coleman Wasserman who was planning to expose the entire cast for contestant Mary’s death in season one. The winning duo came out with a big move, forcing Coleman off the set by exposing a huge secret about his award-winning documentary.

Coleman and Rachel’s confrontation in the courtyard revealed Coleman’s true colors and he finally began to act as twisted as the rest of the cast, setting him up to be the big villain of this finale.Soon after this confrontation, Quinn upped the stakes by staging a wedding for the finale with both Tiffany and Chantal planning to marry Darius but Quinn really has plans to humiliate both of them on national television.

Jay is appalled at the idea, but Madison eagerly jumps on board with the plan, showcasing her desires to move up in the producing world. Romeo also supports the idea, commenting on how it will secure Darius's financial future.

Amping up the drama

Elsewhere, Coleman goes to see Jeremy and recruit him to help take down Everlasting once and for all. They go to see Yael and begin to plan how to take down the show during its finale. But, Jeremy gets cold feet with taking down Rachel and spills to her that Yael is a reporter. It was nice to see Jeremy get his redemption moment by helping Rachel save the day, but was it enough for him to come back from his assault in episode five?Rachel puts Yael on lockdown, but Coleman steps up and threatens to go to the press himself and bit the bullet about faking his documentary.

Ruby makes a surprise appearance, shocking everyone and making even Quinn stand down from her plan to let Darius propose to her on live TV, but Ruby quickly shoots it down wanting a real relationship with him instead. The sudden change of event makes everyone take a look at what love truly means, Quinn and her black soul included.

This also leads to Rachel and Jay finally making amends.

One of the biggest concerns for views going into this season was how it would differentiate itself from season one. While season one focused more on the drama between Rachel and the Everlasting contestants, season two focused on much more drama behind the scenes which gave this season a completely different feel from the season before.

This season, and in the finale especially, we got to see each of the main cast’s personalities and motives.

After what went on in episode six in Alabama, we didn’t see much ofRachel’s insane producing skills until episode nine’s fiasco with Yael. It was nice to see those skills back in full force helping Quinn save Everlasting from Coleman’s plan but in the end it was Jeremy who saved the day with some extremely questionable actions. One nice thought was having the season end the same way it had in season one, with everyone ruminating over what they had just done on the pool chairs.

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