Ray J (35) and Princess Love are married. The couple tied the knot in a private ceremony in Los Angeles. The fans of the pair can watch the wedding special on VH1, in the reality show 'Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood'. The event was on Friday, August 12th evening, the next day, Princess Love turned 32, which was her best birthday ever.

The party had 150 guests, basically friends and closest relatives of the couple. Ray J wanted that Princess had the best wedding of the world and remember that day as the best of her life.

Two strong personalities

Ray J is a famous rapper; he also is well-known thanks to her famous sister, the singer Brandy (who sang at the wedding) but above all things he is famous for having starred a sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

That made him a man beset by many women. He has known many girls before meeting the love of his life:Princess Love.The California native always wanted to be famous, to achieve this, worked as a model, was a stripper in Vegas, and now she is a fashion designer.

Her love life also it served to achieve the popularity: she had a romance with the boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather. When they separated, she began dating with Ray J. The relationship was always complicated, because she constantly doubted his loyalty, added to that Princess has a very intense temper, she is all adrama Queen.Thanks to that, she joined 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' as a cast member, the reality show needed girls like her: beautiful with a strong personality.

Happy ending

Despite having a difficult relationship, both believe they are the one for the other. Even in the worst moments of the couple, they knew they would end up together forever. Marriage also serves them both to become one of the most important couples of the music.

They want to be as powerfulas Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Princess Love and Ray J also have virtues to fascinate people: beauty, glamor, money, and fame. So the couple secured a place in the entertainment world, for a long time.

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