Ramona Singer is a very vocal person and she doesn’t hold back when she has something to say. So when Ramona learned that Luann de Lesseps was dating Thomas D’Agostino, a man who she had previously dated, she decided to bring it up with Luann. Sadly, her friend didn’t really care about her past relationship with him and she completely disregarded Sonja Morgan’s relationship with him. Sonja had known Thomas for over 10 years and they had enjoyed a “friends with benefits” relationship for years.

According to a new report, Ramona Singer was surprised to learn that Thomas wasn’t exactly being honest with any of the women.

Not only was he lying to Luann about his past relationships with Ramona and Sonja, but he was also lying to be about being faithful. Bethenny Frankel had received text messages from a friend with a picture, showing Thomas making out with another woman in a hotel in New York City -- just two days before his engagement party.

Ramona Singer doesn’t trust Luann de Lesseps’ future husband

It is clear that Singer doesn’t trust Luann’s man at all. While she has previously dated him, things didn’t work out between them because she didn’t feel a connection with him.

“People seem to be missing the point! It is so clear that Tom has not been truthful. I have been saying this for weeks,” Ramona Singer revealed in her blog for The Real Housewives of New York, adding, “When he talked to Sonja he was especially uncomfortable! Did you see his response when she asked him to find a guy for her after he got married.

He looked like a deer in headlights, because he has gotten caught in all of his own BS, that he can’t even get out of it.”

Ramona Singer just wants her co-star to show some empathy

It is definitely interesting that Singer is being so vocal about her dislike for Thomas. But she also wants some respect for her friend, Sonja Morgan. Morgan was clearly upset about Luann dating a man who she had been close with.

And rather than show some support, Luann is very rude and disrespectful.

What do you think of Ramona Singer’s comments about Thomas? Do you think Luann is being rude about her new relationship?

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