Celeb chef Rachael Ray, who lost weight without dieting, will feature Michelle Obama in her September issue of Rachael Ray Every Day. Just in time for back-to-school, the First Lady will share weight loss secrets to combat child obesity in a kids' cooking contest called the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. Winners will get a White House invite to show off their culinary skills in a State Dinner. This initiative is part of Mrs. Obama's "Let's Move" school fitness campaign. Rachael Ray partners with the First Lady, sharing her weight loss without diet secrets.

First Ladies of healthy eating combat obesity

Being the First Lady of cooking makes Rachael Ray the ideal partner for First Lady on her Healthy Lunchtime Challenge. Having lost weight herself, Ray can speak to childhood obesity and the need to curb it. Rachael Ray brings value-added benefits in that she lost weight without hardcore gimmicky diets, using Michelle Obama-type commons sense. All the ideas that Rachael espouses --skipping processed food, making fresh, homemade meals, eating in moderation -- echo Mrs. Obama's "Let's Move" concepts. Ray says she's thrilled to be working alongside the President's wife to help kids learn to cook healthy for themselves.

Rachael Ray weight loss without diet

The beauty and the beast about being a celebrity TV chef is that you're always around food. Proximity to food means a struggle with weight loss if chefs start to gain. But celebrity chefs are also best strategically placed to lose weight. They know food inside and out, and can easily create healthy low-calorie versions of recipes.

At almost 50, Rachael Ray was starting to put on pounds. Not one to diet nor even get on the scale, Ray didn't notice right away. That is another weight loss dilemma -- to know or not to know. Not knowing your weight means you may not realize how big you're getting. But micromanaging scale numbers can drive you nuts.

Rachel took the common sense approach to fight obesity-- eat what you like but control portions, eat a balanced meal with lots of veggies, and eat lots of ketogenic-type MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids). Common sense weight loss approaches are getting more popular. Supermodel Tyra Banksdid it this way and so did "Dance Moms" Abby Lee Miller.

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