Queen Latifah lost an amazing amount of weight over the past few years. She's been a spokesperson for the Jenny Craig diet, but her amazing transformation is the result of a lot more than just calorie counting. The Queen's diet secrets reveal the power of Al-Anon type positivity and love. Here's more from the First Lady of Rap and actor-extraordinaire on losing weight andstinkin' thinkin' andnegative self-image.

Queen Latifah trimmed pounds and negativity

Queen Latifah was a big woman inside and out. She has a huge vocal talent, with acting ability and the capacity for love. Currently, she is working with the Red Steps Challenge to "rise above heart failure" one step a time.

Latifah, who was born Dana Owens, is doing it on behalf of her mother Rita Owens, who suffers from heart failure. Heart failure (a condition in which the heart doesn't operate efficiently) heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol are all related and all linked to obesity.When you gain weight you feel bad, inside and out. Along with physical ailments, you often suffer from depression, anxiety, chronic low self-esteem and poor self-confidence. You become a victim of what Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon call "stinkin' thinkin" But when you lose weight you feel better all the way around. And it works both ways. If you start out confident, it makes weight loss all the easier.

Does that formula sound simplistic? Queen Latifah doesn't think so.

Queen Latifah on body image issues

Latifah has always exuded chutzpah, even if circumstances in her life were less than desirable. She says she decided young that since her bigger size was not the norm, she could either like or hate it as is.

She chose to love her body and that acceptance gave her the extra moxie to lose weight. Because she loved herself and her body, she wanted it to be as healthy as possible. So she shed the pounds that were dragging her down. Queen admits to not being perfect at keeping up with weight loss, exercise, and diet, but says when she falls, she gets back up.

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