According to Wass Stevens, Prince sang at a show in Manhattan, which the actor said he was excited to attend. The New York Daily News quoted Stevens on Saturday, saying that nobody knew about the show. The newspaper reportedly came across Stevens at the Cinepolis Chelsea theater.

Wass has appeared in films like The Wrestler and World Trade Center in the past, but was certainly starstruck on this occasion. He went on to say that the Purple One performed at Avenue in Manhattan a month prior to his passing and as he has been a huge fan of Prince since college, he went to watch the show.

Stevens said the evening was made even more memorable due to how close he was to Prince, when he was singing on the stage. He explained that Prince walked up the runway and was singing three feet away from him.

Prince showed no signs of ill health

According to Stevens, despite the rumors that Prince had been suffering from health problems before dying so unexpectedly, he said he couldn’t see any sign of it when watching the singer perform.

Steven said he did not seem at all ill and played solidly for two hours. In fact, he said the singer sang "his a*s off." Reportedly the Purple One played every instrument and sang every song in the show, including all his old and new-school songs. Stevens added that Prince also had the energy to keep up with two women who were with him at the event.

The humble superstar to the end

Enstarz noted that Prince was very humble with his fans, although he did set some strict rules to be followed.

Stevens said he was really nice to everyone, but stated that no one would be allowed to film, photograph or record the show. Prince further said no one would be allowed to directly look at him, or talk to him. Reportedly every time he came in, Prince apologized, saying “sorry, guys” and that he knew he was being a "pain in the a*s" to his fans. Stevens said what Prince wanted, he got – it was his show, and a show that no one who attended would ever forget, especially in hindsight.

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