ThePretty Little Liars summer finales are nothing without cliffhangers and shocking reveals. Season 7 was no different, with pregnancy announcements, character deaths, and much more. Just who made it out of the #PLLDeathTrap?

Caution: there are spoilers in this episode of thePLL episode from August 30. You have been warned.

Many of the storyline shockers weren't really as shocking as they once were. With all the hype surrounding a character death and the reveal that there is another child of Mary Drake, fans really knew what was going to happen.

The death couldn't be a Liar, but the adopted baby could.

Jenna and Noelattempt revenge

As with every case of the Liars being caught in abandoned buildings, someone was out for revenge. This time it was Jenna and Noel looking for revenge but it's not really 100% clear why Noel was in on it. Sure, he was close to Charlotte and Jenna but was that enough to do everything he did?

Marlene King had also promised that heads would roll in thePretty Little Liars Season 7 summer finale and that certainly happened.

Literally. While running after Hanna and Emily, with an axe for some strange reason, he tripped and landed on the blade. His head tumbled down the stairs, making it clear that he is definitely dead.

Ali pregnant and one of the liars adopted

One of the reveals was obvious: Ali's pregnancy. There had already been hints of this when she felt sick, and the lead to it was clear. What better way to make her life hell than to make her pregnant with her dead, psychotic husband's baby.

The only thing to reveal now is whether this baby is Ali's or whether it is from Emily's eggs.

As Ali, Spencer, and Aria run off in the deserted former school for the blind, someone thought it would be a good idea for Jenna to have a gun. She shoots blindly (literally) and hits Spencer.With Spencer shot, there's only one perfect way to finish this off. No, she isn't dead -- at least, not yet. Mary Drake just showed up out of the blue and revealed that Spencer is her adopted daughter.

Of course, the adoption secret had to be a Hasting one, just like all the rest.

Nicole and Haleb storylines

It's easy to overlook some of the other storylines in the PLL Season 7A finale. Two of those were Nicole and Haleb. First of all, surprise, Nicole is still alive. She was one of the rescued hostages. But rather than telling Aria the truth, Ezra tells her that Nicole wasn't there and it's up to Aria to find out through the news -- watching the reunion happen. Of course, this is setup to put a spanner in the works for their relationship and make Aria doubt everything, but seriously?

And then there's Haleb.

The one good thing that came from this episode is that they are back together. At least, there are hints that they will be back together after they rekindled their romance. What will that mean for Spencer, who kissed Toby one last time before he left to be with Yvonne?

Pretty Little Liars Season 7B will continue sometime in April 2017. We'll have to wait to find out the ending until then. For now, we know that Noel is definitely not A.D. and Spencer isn't really a Hasting.

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