Pretty Little Liars Season 7 is now officially confirmed as the final season of the series. That means the Season 7 finale is the series finale! Yes, fans will finally get to find out who A.D. is and see all the storylines tie together.But what does that mean for the upcoming season? Marlene King and the main cast of the show shared everything in a video on Facebook, just a day before the summer finale.

'PLL'coming to a close

When Season 7 first premiered,PLL fans found out that it was the end as they knew it.

Well, now it turns out that it's the complete end. There will definitely be no more episodes after the Season 7B finale and there are no plans for a movie. This has been the plan for some time despite Shay Mitchell suggesting that the show would end with a TV movie.This is the complete ending. There are no plans forPretty Little Liars Season 8 with a completely new cast. This idea had previously been suggested, considering the way King had said it was the end.

'PLL'gets a longer hiatus than usual

Along with sharing that the series was coming to an end, King shared that there would be 10 episodes in the second half of Season 7. Those would air from April 2017, although an exact date hasn't yet been shared.What does this mean for the fans? Well, there is a long break; much longer than usual. PLL Season 7A's finale will air on August 30. That means there will be a seven month wait for the next season, and maybe even longer if the 7B premiere is held off for the middle to the end of April!

Fans are used to a break at the end of the summer, but it's generally only a few months. Most years, the show has returned in January. It then finishes around April in time for the next season to air in June. Of course, with no new season, there's no need to worry about having enough time to film to air in June.

What do you think of the news? Are you happy that PLLhas an official end on television?

At least it means you'll find out who A.D. is, right? What do you think about the much longer break than normal?

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