Porsha Williams ofThe Real Housewives of Atlanta is in the hospital after collapsing in a parking lot. Fans are really worried about her and what actually happened. TMZ shared the news about what they know about what happened to Porsha today, but they don't have quite all the details yet.

What happened to Porsha Williams?

She collapsed in the parking lot while at an Atlanta shopping center. Porsha was actually seen gasping for air by people that were nearby. Several people that saw Porsha fall ended up calling 911 and help came over right away. The Atlanta fire and rescue came to help her out getting Porsha to the hospital.

What is wrong with her?

So far, Porsha Williams isn't saying what is wrong with her or sharing any details. Sources told TMZ that it had to do with Porsha not eating enough. This could obviously cause a problem for her. Back in March, Porsha also had a fainting spell while on an airplane. This was because of low blood sugar. If she knows she has blood sugar issues, then she should be making sure that she takes care of herself and eat. It doesn't sound like she is doing that the way she should.

Porsha Williams fans have been checking her out on social networks and hoping for an update from her. She hasn't posted at all since yesterday when she said that life goes on. Hopefully, Porsha will speak out soon and tell her fans what is going on with her and how she is doing.

There is no word yet if she has been released from the hospital or if she is already home.

Articles all over are saying that they are waiting on updates, but they just don't exist yet. Hopefully, this doesn't mean that something is wrong with Porsha and she isn't ready to tell her fans the news just yet.

Are you shocked to hear that Porsha Williams ended up in the hospital after passing out? Do you feel like she should be taking better care of herself? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don't miss new episodes ofThe Real Housewives of Atlanta when they air on Bravo.

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