Is it safe to start talking about a Tamar Braxton divorce again? The former The Realco-host got into an altercation with her husband Vincent Herbert on Sunday night that ended when police showed up, according to reports.

Tamar and Vince fight at their hotel

Tamar and Vince were staying at a hotel in the Buckhead area of Atlanta when they reportedly got into an argument. The blogAsk Kissy reported that the Reality TV couple's fight got so vicious that Tamar had to call for help because Vince bit her finger so hard that it drew blood.

Reports indicate that this may not have been the first time that Tamar and Vince have resorted to violence when their arguments got heated. The troubled couple has been in blowouts before and rumor has it, they often turn into boxing matches.

This time around, when Vince bit Tamar's finger, he reported broke the skin and she may even need stitches. Braxton passed on emergency services when police showed up to the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead where the couple was staying.

Vincent Herbert wasn't arrested when police showed up because he had already taken off.

It's unclear if Tamar Braxton will be filing charges against her husband or if he'll suffer any legal consequences for the domestic violence incident.

Braxton 'creeps' on Twitter

Just before Tamar and Vince's alleged hotel fight, she took to Twitter to post a message. It said, "Late night creep" with a link to an Instagram video. The recording isn't what you might think, though. Instead, it was a black and white pair ofshoes that Braxton was wearing.

Tamar hasn't posted anything to Twitter since the alleged domestic violence incident and she hasn't made any statements about what happened between herself and Vincent Herbert. It's unclear if the couple just had a really bad night or if that Tamar Braxton divorce is back on.

It was only last month that divorce rumors went wild after it was reported that Tamar Braxton was creeping with one of Vincent Herber's business partners.

Immediately after the reports started to circulate, both Tamar and Vince issued statements claiming that they were still together and there was no divorce happening. Now fans are wondering if that news has changed but so far no one is talking.

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