Pokémon GOundoubtedly has revolutionized the world of video games through technology. There have been many tools that have been shown in social networks, as well, there have been many tips for catching Pokémon, using different tools of the new generation.These tools are mostly found for free on the internet. Today we will discuss more on this one, which promises to be very helpful for the players.

The Poke Radar

The Poke Radaris a great tool with which you can know the place where the Pokémon are located.

Therefore, you can know specifically exactly where you will find a Pokémon for a certain time. In this article, it is not going to give advice for finding Pokémon specifics, but we are going to explain in a very general way how to do it. It should be remembered that each type of Pokémon is located in a given area. This wonderful and amazing toolalso is a basic guide depending on the type of Pokémon that you want to capture. Some tips are very logical but it should always be taken into account.

The locations

It is clear that water Pokemonappear near reservoirs, beaches, or plant sources and that this type of Pokémon will be seen in parks and forests. However, compared to other types important details are known.

Electrical and poisonous Pokémoncould be found, more easily in industrial areasand related areas. One thing to note is the place of occurrence of the Dragon Pokémon, which is highly coveted by all players of Pokémon GO and usually appears in emblematic places.

It is difficult to find, but in the most important areas of different cities they may emerge to be captured.

Another complicated type of trap is the ice type, in the absence of ice and snow, they can be found in places near areas with water.

Additional information

This guide is not the solution to the lack of Poke Radar but it can be helpful for many players who want some Pokémon in particular and do not know where or when they can be found.


Watch the video below for more information, and enjoy playing the game:

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