In this game, going out for some laps to catch the 151 Pokémon available in the game, is not the only thing we could do. Apart of it, we can also find gyms that can be controlled with one of them, but to do this would be possible only if we can claim them before anyone else has claimed them. To make the process much simpler, today we bring you some tips to win gyms quickly and easily.

Always take into account the battle zones

Each Pokémon that has been captured is assigned a numerical value according to the virtual level it has.

This level will advance us and we can go up for each creationseparately, using candy and developments, as well as capturing more of the same Pokémon.

Search gyms and weak zones

I'd love to conquer the Empire State Building's Gym, but even if I could go to NY to capture these creations, the level of people defending the gym is beastial. We don't need to go to NY to confirm it, just take a look at all the gyms around and see the big level of users protecting the Pokémon that is inside. Surely, we could find Pokémon with thousands of CP, so our best option is to find a weak gym or a section far away.

Doing both things together would do us much better.

Make a preliminary investigation of the gym

You already know that there are many different types of Pokémon and many places for catching them, as was the case in the original Nintendo games. One of the basics of combat is that there are Pokémon so effective against certain classes, which in turn are weak against other classes. If we want to win gyms, we have to go through a preliminary investigation to see which are the defending Pokémon, how many Pokémon CP they have and which of them we must use to be effective.

Take more than a high Pokémon to combat

We should take more than one, two or three high Pokémon. Basically, if we have investigated the type ofopponent and the battle points, we will have a fairly clear idea of how many of them we will need to defeat, in case our main Pokémon does not exceed the rival figure.

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