Yesterday, we told you that after the new update of Pokémon GO, it is much easier to capture a rare Pokémon because the nests were changing and now they make an appearance near the PokéStops. However, the location of these particular creatures still complicated.

The exact odds of finding a Pokémon

Thanks to PokémonGoHub, it may be a simpler task from now on. The Portal makers have made a list based on the results recorded in more than one hundred million points of interest in PokéRadar which were registered during the last week. These indicate the exact odds of how often we are likely to encounter a particular Pokémon.


Dates and success rate

Now we know that in the near future one of each one thousand creatures we find will be a Kabuto. This is most likely an occurrence that will be more feasible at 3:57 A.M. This should help to increase the success rates. Now you just have to thoroughly study the following list and compare the various parameters: Pokémon, percentage (%), average and most active time.

Complete list:

Pokémon        Ratio meeting        half possible sightings         common hour 

Bulbasaur           0.69%                            69                                           20:00 

Ivysaur               0.042%                          4.2                                           07:00 

Venasaur           0.017%                          1.7                                            11:30 

Charmander      0.253%                          25.3                                         08:45 

Charmeleon      0.012%                           1.2                                           19:00 

Charizard          0.0031%                         0.31                                         13:34 

Squirtle             0.58%                              58                                             04:25 

Wartortle           0.034%                            3.4                                            07:02 

Blastoise           0.0067%                          0.67                                          00:06

Caterpie            3.032%                          303.2                                        16:35

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