Eevee means to “evolve” in Japanese and as Eevee can evolve into other characters, understanding the cute rabbit-eared species probably explains the interest by gamers. New gamers might think all the characters evolve, but this is not actually true - as the Bulbapedia Pokémon encyclopedia explains that Legendary Pokémondon't evolve. Eevee first appeared in the original Pokémon video game - Pokémon Redand Blue. Eevee has unstable genetic codes and evolution was originally caused by radioactive stones.

Up to eight species evolved, the first three of which were Vaporeon,Jolteon, andFlareon.

Eevee Pokémon are scarce and that is their attraction and it is fantastic fun to spot an Eevee which might unexpectedly appear almost anywhere as evolution allows them to adapt to most conditions. New players need to understand that a bubble-jet Vaporeon is an Eevee that has evolved through contact with a water stone, while Flareon evolved from contact with the Fire Stone and Jolteon became known as the lightening Pokémon, which is understandable seeing this Eevee mutated from exposure to the Thunder Stone.

Searches for battery packs surged with Pokémon interest

Pokémon was released in the United States of America in July, which was when search interest increased significantly on Google: This then triggered a huge number of searches for battery packs, and other users also educated themselves on the conversion of kilometres to miles. Eevee is currently trending at number three for Pokémon searches, and in Hawaii the searches for all Eevee evolutions is at the top, with Utah and Washington close behind.

Golduck, Diglet and Likitung searches are on the rise with the most interest coming from players in Berkeley, followed by San Jose and Oakland. But Pokémon fervour has not yet taken over the real world, despite concerns about people getting so lost in the game they might end up being mugged, run over or even enter militarized areas. Compared to search trends for Donald Trump, Pokémon GO Eevee barely makes a dent on the trend charts.

Despite our love for an alternative world, the real world intrudes to the point where even Eevee cannot compare to the interest generated by a Donald Trump statue.

Kadabra and Trump searches

Kadabra might not have the same search power as Donald Trump, but for gamers, last weekend it was all about Kadabra, who evolved from Abra after battle experience and will evolve again into Alakazam after trainer trade takes place. As these Pokémon are able, with their incredibly high IQ’s to generate strong psychic alpha waves, it’s no surprise that another high-trending search is PsiPokémon. These three Psi Pokémon appear in the Pokémon Adventures manga in different roles.

Imagine Game Network, the San Francisco based game and entertainment company said that the three Psi Pokémon characters are “losing their charm” as the game progresses and by the time Alakazam evolves he is a "distinctly grim, foreboding character".

The worldwide interest for this engaging game is not likely to slip down the hill any time soon. Google can expect to have Pokémon Go characters, tips and strategies to trend for a very long time to come.

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