From the day of its release, users of Pokémon GO were launched to discover each and every one of the Easter eggs that developers had announced in its mobile app. Niantic promised a number of details that players would discover over the days, something that has actually happened.

The Easter eggs

Some of them were discovered shortly, while others had to be scrutinized thoroughly to make them known to other users. In fact, many of them have been revealed in recent weeks, where visitors were able to learn many secrets of the game.

Big Daddy Red

Now a YouTube user called Big Daddy Red has compiled and has even incorporated some of their findings in a video, of course, we offer below.

However, first we go over all the points that are addressed in the above mentioned video:

  • Eevee evolutions that can target the user's taste.
  • Pikachu can be the initial Pokémon. It is recommended to be patient and take a good walk.
  • If the player manages to pass ten Poké Stops in less than 30 minutes, the latter will grant additional objects, at least one egg and double experience points.
  • Chansey, one of the most difficult Pokémon to capture, appears more frequently around pharmacies, hospitals, or health centers.
  • Although it has no use for practical purposes, if the user changes the date to February 27, 2016, the game-play activates a Lucky Egg.
  • Some of the secrets still hidden in Pokémon GO are known by John Hanke, creator of the application.
  • Bruce Lee’s grave is guarded by a number of Hitmonlee.
  • As we demonstrate, the application can be played on Apple devices horizontally.
  • An Easter egg related to Alice in Wonderland. To hatch an egg, you can read a sentence corresponding to the work.
  • A menu item of the applicationnamely hoops icons, change color if the user holds down the center button like Pokéball and then swipe your finger across the rings. It appears to be a reference to a scene in which Pokémon Snap Ditto became Bulbasaur.
  • Ditto is present in the game and could even be one of the possible initial Pokémon, its silhouette appears when a nearby Pokémon is recorded and their capture probability is 60% in comparison to others.

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