Rishina Kandhari known for her role in the Indian TV series Divya Aur Baati Hum has shocked her fans and well-wishers by flaunting her curves in a sexy bikini. The photos are now trending on social media sites, and people are now lauding her for style sense and incredible body shape.

Rishina is doing the role of a woman police officer in the Television soap. The actress is quite active on social media, and she has the habit of sharing her pictures quite often. Recently, she posted a photo which featured her in a Khaki attire.

Police officers role in TV serials:

This is for the first time that she is posting such a glamorous picture.

In this trending photo, Kandhari has donned a bikini with animal imprints. She was seen enjoying some quality moments near the swimming pool.

She also posted some hashtags along with the picture, and it clearly indicates her mindset. Most of the hashtags used reflect the positivity of her mind, and it also hints that the starlet is going through some of the happiest times in her life.

Rishina is considered to be one of the most hardworking actresses in the Indian Television industry. The young girl who is now acting as a daring cop has reportedly done many stunt scenes alone and has not availed the service of dope artists. Close sources to the shooting crew say that her dedication is commendable, and no other actresses can match this.

The diva is now going through a very busy schedule, and as a result, she is not getting enough time to relax her body and mind. She used to live in the city itself, and during most of her leisure moments, the celebrity will be with her friends.

Some months back, she went to Goa with her close buddies, and from then, she has been in the town working hard for her acting assignments.

The actress is said to be very bold when it comes to performing stunts. While she was acting in a crime serial, she was to be buried alive in a scene. The starlet chose to do the shot all by herself without using a body double.

Stay tuned for more exclusive updates about Kandhari.

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