Filmmaker Rajamouliis now gearing up with his next big outing Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, the much-anticipated sequel to the last year's blockbuster,

According to reports, this second and final installment of this prestigious franchise is being filmed with a mammoth budget. Art director Saabu Siril has already designed and built an entire new city for this ambitious project.

A set much bigger and mightier than the prequel

Sabu, the art director from Kerala along with more than 550 workersare doing unending hard work every day to meet the requirements of this large sets.

The team includescarpenters, welders, and other professionals. Take a look at the above photo gallery.

The National Award winning artist recently revealed to an Indian Newspaper that this flick is going to be thebiggest one in his career, and he added that working in a venture like this will provide an experience worth ten projects.

Sources suggest that Syril is doing extensive research on sculptures and ancient writings to design new sets. These sets will be magnanimous in all manner, as this time, the makers have got more resources and budget than the previous installment.

Real to the core horses and flawless armors

Most of the viewers believe that the breathtaking scenes in which horses fall to the ground while running in the battlefield are real ones.

But this is truly a misconception, and these falling animals are not computer graphics too. Instead, these creatures are artificially made beings by the art directing crew.

The arms and vests which are being used during the war scenes are not that heavy as they look.

The team headed by Sabu will make it as light as possible which will help the actors to use it with ease.

A cinema loaded with a great star cast

This flick will have all the leading stars which were present in the first version. Prabhas will act in the title role, while Anuskha and Tamanahh will enact the part of heroines.

This upcoming project is sure to break all existing box-office records.

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