Ozzy Osbourne has certainly tested Sharon Osbourne's love through the years with many affairs on the side and now that the two have basically grown old together, you would think she could finally enjoy some peace with the man she apparently loves dearly. That doesn't appear as if that will happen any time soon as Ozzy's mistress of the last 4-years has spilled the beans on the love she felt coming from Ozzy and how he rocked her world.

Ozzy's mistress spills the beans

One can only picture Sharon Osbourne, who doesn't deserve to have these horrid details splashed all over the headlines, as being mortified to hear this.

Ozzy met Michelle Pugh when she was the hairdresserwho colored his hair and from there the two took up a romance, reports his scorned lover.

It was only sex for rocker

To listen to what Pugh has to say it was a deep romantic connection the two shared and they were soul mates. Ozzy came back with a response, which is more of an apology to Pugh for her taking his need to have sex as something more. He has since gone into therapy for his sex addiction to make sure this behavior stops, reports People Magazine.

This has not only devastated Sharon, but the rest of Ozzy's family too.

This has to be humiliating for Sharon

Back in May when the Affair with the hairdresser made the headlines Sharon booted Ozzy to the curb, but she's since taken him back and the two were working on their marriage. Pugh's latest reveal of just how romantically involved she was with Ozzy, can't be sitting well with Sharon after 34 years of marriage to the rocker.

Michelle Pugh a woman scorned?

Pugh really laid it on thick, which sounded as if this could be coming from a woman scorned more so than someone who thought Ozzy is her soulmate. She shared way too many details about her affair with Ozzy, which is not what you do if you really love someone, as she claims she does. Pugh said, "Chemistry, we just had it. It's that indescribable thing in life, and you can't deny it.

And he didn't.," Fox News reports.

Emotional connection

They connected on an emotional level that brought them together as one, claims the hairdresser. They had a lot of shared passions and would spend hours talking about the things they both had in common. She also said that she never thought about her love life with Ozzy as having a relationship with a star. He was her "John from England." A "really nice, sweet, funny and cool guy."

Ozzy dismisses affair as a means to sex

Pugh pouring her heart out to the media comes on the heels of Ozzy cutting all ties with her and opting to work on his marriage with Sharon.

Because Ozzy now has no more time for her, she doesn't harbor any ill will, Pugh reports in the interview. But that doesn't stop her from gushing about the time they spent together.As far as Ozzy is concerned she was basically a means to satisfy his sexual needs, but as far as Pugh is concerned, this was a love like no other! The two have provided polar opposite descriptions of their level of emotional involvement.

Just how much more will Sharon endure?

With that said, this must be really horrible for Sharon to endure. Just how much will she go through to make this marriage stay its course? Ozzy released a statement via People Magazine apologizing to Pugh if she "took their sexual relationship out of context." The kicker....

Ozzy's rep added that the rocker would also like to apologize to the other women who he has been bedding down.

While Pugh confesses she still loves him, Ozzy's camp makes sure she knows she was nothing special, just one of many! The one person who is really hurt from these scandalous antics is Sharon, who was willing to make another go at it with Ozzy. Sharon recently said she was proud of Ozzy for opening up about his sex addiction, but the teary-eyed wife of the rocker has been put through some horrific times and this latest humiliating news can't be making life easier for the talk show host.

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