Instead of just one theme in season 6 of Once Upon A Time, there will be several. Also, OUAT spoilers reveal that viewers will explore questions of all kinds. Hopefully, by the season finale, fans will finally get some answers.

Can the darkness really be separated?

During roundtable interviews at Comic-Con 2016, OUAT co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis revealed season 6 will not have one central theme. In an interesting twist, the television show will have several of them. One is if a person can separate the bad part of themselves from the good.

If it is possible, what are the consequences and should it even be attempted in the first place? Even though this is mostly a philosophical question, it is literal in Regina's case. As fans know, Lana Parrilla's character separated herself from the Evil Queen. However, her negative alter ego survived the separation, which causes all kinds of problems when the series returns.

What is a happy ending on 'Once Upon A Time'?

Fairy tales usually end with happy endings. Usually, it has to do with a princess finding her prince charming and being rescued.

Even though the core characters in OUAT have other lives in fairy tales, Storybrooke hasn't exactly been kind to some residents. Another theme in season 6 has to do with what a happy ending looks like in the town. Does it refer to a lifestyle, getting what you want, or is happiness just one final moment?

Will the characters ever start living and enjoying life?

Some of the characters are starting to realize their happy endings, at least that is what it seems like.

Last season, Emma finally opened herself up and told Hook she loved him. Those that have seen the show since the beginning know how huge this is for Jennifer Morrison's character. Fans were assured at Comic-Con that Hook and Emma's relationship will strengthen in season 6. This also brings up the question of if some characters already have their happy endings. However, when will they get to enjoy it rather than spend all of their time-fightingenemies?

Does being a Savior mean no happiness for Emma Swan?

Aladdin is coming and he has something in common with Emma on Once Upon A Time. It turns out that they are both Saviors, but the characters are in very different situations. Right now, Emma is strong, healthy and has good things going for her. However, Aladdin arrives in the official trailer weak and barely able to move. It makes Emma wonder if that is what happens to Saviors in the end. Is her life only helping others and never living her own life? Will she end up like Aladdin? What happened to the other Saviors now that everyone realizesthat Emma was not the first?

What do you think of the themes for season 6? What questions would you like answered in Once Upon A Time when it returns to ABC network?

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