The Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero 2016have begun, and new sports stars caught the attention of the public.North West- a three-year-oldis no exception. Kim's little daughterloves Simone Biles,the extraordinary gymnast from Ohio. North watches her on television and tries to imitate her movements on the bed. The reality star sends her daughter to Gymnastics classes because she wants the girl to practice sport through her childhood.

A new star called Simone Biles

Simone Biles (19-years-old) is three times world champion in gymnastics, among other national and international titles.

She will competein the Olympic Games in five differents categories and expects to win five gold medals. Biles wows the world with her grace, strength and the difficulty of her movements. She is a great example to followas she trains five hours per day, six days a week. Due to the high demand sport, she graduated from high school at home, in summer 2015.

How Kim educates her daughter

North West is three years old, and Kim sends her to Gymnastics classes, and she believes that Simone Biles will be a great sporting inspiration for Nori.

Her little girl also has other interests: Nori loves fashion and music. She tells her mother what to wear, and what not and Kim fulfills all the desires of her daughter. Her favorite singer is Lady Gaga, she is agreat fan of her and loves all her songs. Although it may not seem it, Kimprotects her daughterfrom media exposure as she wants that their children to wait before participating in social networks.

The reality star tries to allow her children to lead a life as normal as possible in Hollywood. Kim is facing certain obstacles to achieve this as she and her husband Kanye West are very popular with a lot of activity on social networks. To this must be added the extreme exposure of the Kardashian family. The socialite and the music mogul will surely find a way for their children to lead a healthy and happy life without the pressure of fame.

Kim relies on the advice of her mother, Kris Jenner, to educate her children carefully.

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