What happens when you put the old Mario in a new experience and newly release it as No Man's Sky? The result could be something like this new amazing game called ‘No Mario's Sky’, a simple title that has been created in just 72 hours by the Ludum Dare 36 competition.

The new game

This new creationis a game inspired by Mario and adventure of Hello Games. In this new game, you can travel with your own spaceship. As expected No Mario's Skyis a game of exploration and survival in an infinite universe.

Best of all about this game is that, as it's free, no one has to ask for their money back if they feel disappointed with the purchase. Its creators, who have not done this with any profit, encourage the purchase of Nintendo titles and Hello Games and dissociate themselves from any kind of accusation of plagiarism.

Developed by the studio ASMB Games in just 72 hours, No Mario's Skyretains the physics of the Super Mario Bros' series and can collect coins as always. However, you will be able to travel between worlds in a curious spaceship and all the scenarios will be different on each planet.

Features of the new game

It is worth mentioning that this new playable creation has a very interesting menu. The top accountants will indicate the number of worlds that we have already visited, the enemies that we have brought down and even the name of the planet where we are, which in this case can change, and there isa mini-map so that we do not lose the points of interest. In addition, the soundtrack acclimates to each planet via the melody which was composed by Koji Kondo for the 'Super Mario Bros.


In the absence of a Mario galaxy 3that exceeds the bet, No Mario's Skycan now be downloaded for free from via windows free games platform which accommodatesWindows, Mac, and Linux. Taking into account the story of Nintendo with similar projects, it might be a good idea to download the game as soon as possible, taking advantage of the time, because for now it only has about 30 Megs in memory space available.


Watch the video below for more information, and enjoy playing the game:

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