Everybody is buzzing about the decision to have Nick Viall be ABC's The Bachelor 2017 lead. Many, including gossip guru Reality Steve, were expecting Luke Pell to get the nod, with Chase McNary a strong possibility too. Now that Nick has been officially announced, everybody within “Bachelor Nation” is responding to the news. What does people have to say?

Chris Harrison says Nick asBachelor is crazy enough to work

Show host Chris Harrison talked with Good Morning America and as Us Weekly recapped, Chris did detail that it basically came down to Nick Viall, Luke Pell, and Chase McNary.

He notes that ultimately, those behind the show felt that Nick was the most deserving and sincere in terms of becoming the next Bachelor lead and he joked that the decision is “just crazy enough to work.”

Reality Steve admits that he was completely blindsided by the announcement, as even hours before the reveal he had shared that as far as he had heard, Luke was still the choice to be the Bachelor 2017 lead. While he details that he had not heard anything serious about Viall being the pick, he also doesn't think that producers made any last-minute changes like was seemingly done with Caila Quinn and JoJo Fletcher before filming last season's Bachelorette.

Considering how Nick's edit has been this summer on Bachelor in Paradise, with fans really taking to him, it probably shouldn't come as a major surprise that he scored the gig.

Luke Pell seemingly was interested in being theBachelor lead

Luke did share a bit of a reaction to the news via Twitter, thanking fans for the love and mentioning that sometimes people are dealt unexpected changes and he's excited to be in Nashville and looking toward the future.

That wording would certainly lead many to believe that Pell himself did think he likely had the gig until recently, but it sounds as if he has plenty more on his plate.

Will fans embrace Nick Viall as ABC's The Bachelor 2017 lead this winter? Filming begins in September and wraps in mid-November, with the show premiering in early January and show fans cannot wait to get started.

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