Naruto Shippuden finally brought back the action with episode 470 after a barrage of boring fillers. With the English sub version now online, you can watch the recent episode and see what went down. If you are a manga reader, you will not be disappointed. The anime is doing a good job of capturing the battle of Naruto vs. Kaguya this arc.

Naruto's Developing Abilities

In episode 470, Sasuke uses his Rinnegan, and you see the detail in his eye. The soundtrack has been on point for this episode when Naruto is fighting, and it added more tension to the epic battle.


You can see Naruto’s abilities develop. In the beginning, he struggled with the Clone Jutsu and was an all-around mess up. 

During the battle, he shows his skill in coming up with a good strategy and thinking on his feet. Naruto showed his maturity when he realized that he has to stop Kaguya from merging with nature, and he noticed that he had to close the portals.

Sakura vs. Obito Battle 

Naruto tricked Kaguya by using a clone in another dimension; therefore, had her thinking that she has defeated him.

In Episode 470 Naruto Shippuden, Sakura was helping Obito, and she was willing to use the rest of her chakra to do so.

The anime caught this scenery much better than the manga. You also see flashbacks about her and Naruto. Manga readers know what happened here. Sakura gets injured during the epic battle and is willing to do anything to help Sasuke.

They teleported towards each other and had a romantic moment even though she is about to faint. You can tell Sasuke feels greatly indebted to her at this moment, and the anime did the scene well. 

Episode 471 looks like another manga adaptation, Sakura and Obito are still battling as Kakashi looks on and questions whether he is powerless to do anything but watch.


Kakashi-sensei’s face was also revealed in an earlier episode of Shippuden in the series Naruto is curious about seeing Kakashi’s face as always, and although Sakura and Sasuke are tired of trying to find out, a ninja named Sukae suggests searching the ninja registration records for a photo of Kakashi’s face.