In the latest episode of Splitsvilla Season 9, the power couple Kavya Khurana and Gurmeet Singh Rehal took up the Beat Pe Booty Challenge. The couple performed in their different way with broken bones. Not only did they entertained but also passed on the challenge to the hosts Sunny Leone and others.

Sunny Leone has already performed her task, and we will have to wait and see when will Ranvijay takes up the challenge.

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With every single passing scene, the task is only becoming more interesting.

In the current installment, the boys were asked to go bare and sell a commodity in the local market. The customers demanded that the males do stunts like belly dance, push ups, etc. to sell the product. After that, all the boys return to the house and comes to know that Karan Khana and Archie are safe.

Ranavijay gives the queens the option of dumping two guys from the show. Kavya dumps Chabra in spite of all the other contestant showing their disagreement with her decisions.

Nandini who is angry with Kavya regarding her decision dumps Varun.

Martina starts arguing with Kavya to protect her partner.

The latest chapter was full of drama as Ranvijay informs the queen that they can get to save one each if they dump their throne. Kavya says that she will drop her chair to preserve her friend Varun, Nandini also gives up her throne to free Chabra.

But the Shockers comes when both the princess get their title back for their honesty and for valuing their loyalty above their power.

The new adventure titled Friendship or Power was well suited as it was full of suspense and turns. Many people for the first time in the show got to test their association and what they think of each other.

For now, it has become quite evident that bond between Martina Thariyan and Kavya Khurana is only getting stronger with every passing day.

But the question arises will Martina aspiring for the throne bring a setback in their understanding.

For now stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming news on the show.

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