In this instance, good taste must reign supreme in the recounting of a very strange event known as the Testicle Festival.

It has taken place every year since 1989 in Montana during the first week in August.

Created by Rod Lincoln, the owner of the Rock Creek Lodge, this offbeat annual festival was a brilliant advertising idea that transformed a virtually unknown spot twenty miles east of Missoula, Montana, into a popular tourist attraction, (albeit there are probably a few visitors who appear that many would like to see disappear).

What goes on at this unusual Montana festival?

Some 3,000 people have been known to attend this hedonistic, unique testicle festival which focuses on having a good time and probably drinking too much.

Events include X, Y and probably even as bad as Z-rated contests such as - Wet T-shirt competitions; Biggest Balls (don’t ask); Bull Ball-eating contests and the tricycle race known as the Undie 500, which is more or less self-explanatory (usually less).

Bare bottoms; male and female nudity; and contestants gorging themselves on how many bull’s testicles (affectionately known as “Rocky Mountain oysters") they can gobble down in four minutes time is certainly not for everyone or anyone out for a wholesome night out with the children.

What is the hidden appeal of this really weird festival?

While this celebration may have a limited charm, there is something to be said about letting your hair down and releasing inhibitions as long as you don’t hurt anybody else.

Distraction from the pressure-cooker of every day life takes many different forms.

The festival’s website promises “a time you will either never forget or never remember!” Their Facebook page is brimming with posts on new ideas and suggestions from avid festival-goers.

There is even a new poll on popular opinion, requesting votes on visitor preferences. Choices include: naked men; naked women or naked no one.

So come to the 'land of Big Sky', if you dare, and enjoy this unique festival.

Live music with six different bands playing at the same time and an endless stream of local booze in the form of Bull Snort Brew, which is made exclusively for the occasion, will keep guests numb and immune from stares and judgment.

Souvenirs of the event are also available at the Rock Lodge gift shop, which sells everything from playing cards to hot sauce.

You probably need to be a little nutty to enjoy this festival of…well, nuts!

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