Hrithik Roshan fans all over the world are now thrilled as his new big budget film Mohenjo-Daro reached the big screens on August 12, 2016.

This epic adventure narrated in the backdrop of an ancient Indian civilization has reportedly impressed the viewers, and through this outing,AshutosGovarker once again proved that he is a master craftsman in making historicalmovies.

Authenticity blended with fictional elements is the unique selling point of this picture. The director has reportedly worked for more than three years to collect enough data and information about Mohenjo Daro, and his hard work is visible in each and every frameof this movie.

An adventurous love story

This cinema showcases the story of Sarman, a young man who leads his life through agriculture. Once, he travels to a city where all cultural heritage and glory lives, and from there, he falls in love with Chaani, a beautiful lady who belongs to an elite class family.

During his attempt to win her love, he unravels some dark mysteries which surround the city's past.

Mohenjo Daro audience review:

An in and out Hrithik show

The main highlight of this film is nothing other than Hrithik's performance.

The Greek God of Bollywood has put lots of efforts to meet the needs of the character.

pooja hegde has romanced Roshan in this movie, and their onscreen chemistry was a real treat to watch. Nitesh Bharadwaaj and Kabir Bedi have also portrayed their roles with perfection.

Box-office prediction

As the reviews coming out from the theaters are positive in nature.

This movie is now showing signs of emerging as a blockbuster.

It is locking horns with Rustom worldwide, and it may make the journey a bit tough. Experts predict that an earning of Rs 12-14 crores on the first day is possible.

Take a look at the trailer:

Trade experts believe that Mohenjo Daro will have a double digit opening considering the number of playhouses in which it is getting released.

Final verdict

Mohenju Daaro is a movie with lots of brilliant scenes, and it will be a real feast for audiences who wish to see flicks with high production values.

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