Actress Mo'Nique surprised everyone with massive weight loss. The former "Phat Girlz" star shut up fat shamers by losing a whopping 80 pounds. As one of many obese celebrities who preach that fat is phat (hot), it might seem hypocritical that Mo'Nique would lose weight. Her "Precious" co-star Gabourey Sidibe, who was equally vocal about shutting down body-shamers, has lost some weight too (not as much as Mo'Nique). Are these women bailing on their ideals and kowtowing to the westernized fashion ideal or is there more to it?

Why Skinny Women are Evil author lost weight

Mo'Nique is a "bigg girl" (her words) and proud of it. She has the proportionally large attitude to match. She's written several books decrying thin: Skinny Women are Evil: Notes from a Bigg Girl living in a Small World and a cookbook Skinny Cooks Can't be Trusted. However, asstick-of-butterchef Paula Deen found, you can diss diet foods but sooner or later it takes its toll. You can brag up fat pridetill you're purple in the face, but you can't out-talk diabetes, heart failure, cholesterol or hypertension.

And it was as simple as that for Mo'Nique. She wanted to be around for her kids and husband, not dead of obesity by 45.

How Mo'Nique dropped 82 pounds

So she quit bragging up obesity, but didn't stop being positive about body image. The star of "Blackbird" tweaked her self-love message to include a new theme--that loving yourself means taking care of yourself. She tweets encouragement and workout photos to help other folks find health.

But she still has a heart for big women. Mo'Nique unique outreach addresses the special exercise and dieting needs of large, tall, curvy and big-boned women. Most of all, she speaks to the negativity they feel from constant fat-shaming. Her message is confidence and a can-do spirit.

Women vulnerable to body-shaming

Women typically get more body-shaming than men (who get their fair share as Chris Pratt, who lost weight can attest).

And the Internet breeds particularly vicious fat-shaming trolls. They're implacable--women are either too thin or too fat. There's no place to just be yourself. So Hollywood Celebrities have started biting back. Actress Gabourey Sidibe got the last laugh when she admitted she cries about insults...on her private jet flying to her dream job!

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