It looks like Miranda Lambert is still harboring some feelings for her ex, Blake Shelton. During her Friday night concert, while singing Over You, which is a song she co-wrote with Shelton, she became teary and emotional.

Miranda had such a hard time with that song that fans had to chime in and help her finish up the lyrics.

Old wounds that never healed?

The 32-year-old Lambertsaid she was having a tough night hormonal-wise and along with that she was suffering from some cramps. While attempting to compose herself from her emotional moment, she said to her fans, "I told you I was a mess."

Hormones running amok

Over You became a hit song and won Song of the Year at the CMAsfor Lambert and Shelton, who were very much a couple back then.

The song was a dedication to Shelton's brother who died when the country music singer was only 14 years old.

His brother was killed in a car accident. Emotion is around every corner when it comes to this song. Couple that with hormones running amok and it is a recipe for tears!

It all comes flooding back

This wasn't the only time Lambert showed she was experiencing overwhelming emotions on the stage Friday night.

During her song The House That Built Me, she also broke out in tears.

That song was one she did later in the evening, and the tears were visible as soon as she got a few lines of lyrics out.

You can see Miranda struggling to hold back the tears in the YouTube video below.

Love story timeline

As the New York Daily News reports, Lambert's emotions came on the heels of an interview her ex-husband recently had with Billboard.

He shared how Gwen Stefani went from his co-host onThe Voiceto a support system while both he and Stefani were going through a divorce at the same time.

Shelton said how he'd check in with her once a week to see how she was doing, which soon became a few times a week.

That escalated to texting, followed by phone calls and finally he was at a point to where Stefani was on his mind from the time he woke up in the morning.

That's when he wondered if she felt the same way, and apparently, she did... the rest is country music- pop music history.

Stillwaters run deep

Shelton did say in that interview that it was Stefani who "saved my life." While they certainly have a happy ending so far, it looks like Shelton's ex might still be struggling with her former love life falling to the wayside.

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