There's a magic bean for weight loss,but you're thinking it's too good to be true, right? Well,Obesity journal says it's true. There is a miracle pill to lose weight and it's white kidney beans. No less a group than the prestigious Obesity Society studied past contestants from "The Biggest Loser" and found that a Phase 2 carb controller not only helps lose obesity, it also maintains weight loss and curbs cravings, especially those crippling sugar cravings. Marketed in several forms, a popular brand is Natrol white kidney bean Carb Intercept.

Best of all, this "wonder drug" is no drug at all. It's a natural, plant-sourced supplement. Here's how it works to treat obesity and aid people who have lost weight in keeping it off.

White kidney bean fat blocker

As "Biggest Loser" contestants and anyone who has lost weight will attest, it's not initially getting it off that's hardest but keeping weight off. Celebrities like Peter Jackson ("Lord of the Rings" director)and Rosie O'Donnell both appear to have gained back pounds they had lost. It's not a healthy fat-to-muscle conversion like Chris Prattachieved either.

The "magic bean" extract aids in initial and Phase 2 or maintenance weight loss. It treats obesity with slow, gradual weight loss by blocking up to 65 percent of fat-causing carbohydrate absorption. This carb intercept halts sugar cravings, which derail weight loss. Sugar cravings alone account for a staggering amount of regained weight.

Weight loss maintenance dilemma

One reason so many people gain back pounds they have lost is down to losing it wrong in the first place.

Are there right and wrong ways to lose weight? Restrictive "crash diets" or fad meal plans that cut out food groups don't lend themselves to long-term weight loss because they are not sustainable. Rarely can (and never should) a person maintain a starvation diet. Even constant calorie counting gets tedious and takes the joy out of eating. A carb control supplement like white kidney bean could help people eat normal, healthy diets and keep pounds off.

If you use a diet pill, make sure it's not chemical-based and is available in stores without prescription. Other good ones are green tea and cinnamon.

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