Miley Cyrus is anew person,thanks to Liam Hemsworth, her boyfriend. The singer doesn't attend parties or has crazy behavior as she had before the reconciliation with the Australian actor. Miley eats healthy, trains daily, practices yoga and loves to take a home life. Her friends were concerned because believed that she changed her personality to consent to Liam, but it is not. The singer is really happy with her new habits and enjoys the changes introduced in her life. Miley's parents are happy seeing how their daughter takes care better of herself.

New challenges

The singer not only has a fulfilling personal life, besides her artistic career lives a great moment.

Miley debuts as coach in the talent show 'The Voice', those who saw her trials say she is fantastic in her new role. Alicia Keys also debuts in 'The Voice', which promises to be an unforgettable season, the number 11, for the public. Miley is very excited about this opportunity and doesn't plan to waste it. In the premiere, she sang along with Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Alicia Keys, the song 'Dream on' by Aerosmith, wich wowed the audience.

The transformation of Miley Cyrus

Miles was the lovable star of the tv show 'Hannah Montana'. Like many Disney Channel stars, she was sick and tired of being a 'good girl', so she decided to adopt a bold behavior. Then she started dating with the actor Liam Hemsworth, with whom she was on the verge of getting married.

They separated, she became a scandalous girl; she liked to show to the media a personality without limits. She acknowledgedher bisexuality publicly and started dating with Victoria Secret's model Stella Maxwell.

In January this year, she reconciled with the actor and got engaged again. Miley now carries a quiet life and is satisfied with that.

What is great unknown is the date of the wedding between the singer and the actor. It is not known where will be the big event if will be in Los Angeles or on an Australian beach. They overcame many obstacles together, by what they believe to be soul mates.

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