If you are a true fan of metal music, there is no way you escaped listening to Metallica's music. The band has been a legend for over 25 years now, with their work in the eighties playing a huge role in influencing the nature of metal music as we know it. After eight long years, the band is ready once again to make their mark on the industry, and the first signs from their single 'Hardwired' looks promising.

Reverting to greatness

Metallica clearly had an experimental phase this past decade, similar to one that most entities in their mid-twenties undergo.

Their collaboration with Lou Reed was clearly the low point of their career, and there was no way to go but up! The new single 'Hardwired' has a very distinctive tone, one that put Metallica on the map decades ago. Raging riffs, a bombastic drum beat and sensible but edgy lyrics rounded up Metallica's return to form. You can watch the official music video of the single below.

High Expectations

Very few bands attain the level of success Metallica has seen over the years. A lot of good ones have crumbled under less pressure (think Audioslave), which is why it cannot be easy for the band to come back after nearly taking a decade long break.

Sure they created the concert film Metallica: Through the never during this period, but this experience cannot compare to the sheer rush of putting out an universally beloved album. The metal scene itself has drastically changed since their last album, with EDM virtually taking over the majority of head spaces around the world. It must truly be a challenge for legends such as Hetfield to try and push the envelop once again, even when Metal has become far less relevant from they they went about defining it.

Regardless of that, Metallica fans from around the world will be thrilled to see the band back in action. We can expect them to tour the world with their latest work, allowing a new generation of fans to expose themselves to a brand of music that is less ones and zeros and more heart and soul.

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