Melissa McCarthy debuted massive weight loss in 2015 and shared what worked for her to lose weight. But in 2016 the "Gilmore Girls" star showed that she might have have ping-ponging weight problems. On an interview with Ellen Degeneres, McCarthy discussed her reprisal of the role Sookie St. James on the Netflix "Gilmore Girls" revival. She appears to have put some of the weight back on and that underscores the problems faced by people who have lost a lot of weight.

Melissa McCarthy diet tips: "Relax"

McCarthy says that she was in great shape in her twenties, but never really appreciated it and agonized over weight gain and weight loss. She says that if she was size 6 or 8, she worried that she should be size 2-4. She claims that constant worry caused her to gain weight. But now in her forties, she has stopped micromanaging and stressing, and has ironically lost weight! Studies have proved that anxiety, depression and stress are linked to weight gain. McCarthy must be on to something because she's clearly shed quite a lot pounds, even though numbers haven't really been discussed.

She also didn't talk specific diet plans besides relaxation.

Melissa McCarthy struggling to maintain weight loss?

While "The Boss" actress still looks much slimmer from 2014, her face appears to be a little fuller from the thin honed look in 2015. The face is one of the first places on the body to show weight loss or gain. Paula Deen shows facial sag post weight loss. Raven-Symone looks lean and angular after losing 70 pounds.

It could be that as McCarthy was seated for the interview it caused the appearance of some weight gain. She could also be over-stressing again. It's also not abnormal to put a little back on. You get a certain euphoric sense of invincibility after weight loss. In your new-found confidence, you sometimes get a little lax with the diet. You get sick of counting calories. Even a maintenance diet where you eat more calories, gets old.

And no matter how much a diet plan promises foods that taste good, none are as yummy as the junk food. So whether the "Gilmore Girls" girl has gained a little weight back or not, she's got obesity under control and she still looks great.

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