After being criticized for plagiarizing the speech at Republican National Convention and errors in her online biodata, Melaniahas made negative headlines again as nude pictures of the former model on the social media has spread like a wild fireafter being published by New York Post on Sunday. The New York Postacquired these pictures exclusively from Ale de Basseville, the French Photographer who shot this nude photoshoot of Melania Knauss in 1995. She was 25 years old at that time. One of her nude photos appeared in the now-defunct magazine named Max in January 1996.

Reaction of Trump.

When asked for comments, Donald Trump, who is republican presidential nominee, dismissed these nudity pictures by calling them “very fashionable and very common” He said that Melania had a successful career as a model and also did photoshoots for major magazines and covers.

These pictures were taken for a famous magazine and they had not even met back then. These type of pictures in Europe are fashionable and very common.

In 1998, during the New York Fashion week, she (Melania) met Donald Trump for the first time at a party. They tied their knot in Palm Beach Florida in 2005. Ivana Zelnickova and Marla Maples, previous wives of Donald Trump were also models.

A beautiful woman.

Echoing the statement of Donald Trump, the senior communication adviser of Donald trump’s election campaign told CNN that “she is a beautiful women and there is absolutely nothing to be worried or embarrassed about. They are a celebration and appreciation of the human body as an art”. Referring to the nudity of the pictures, Miller said that these pictures were taken 20 years ago and very long before Mrs.

Trump (Melania) met Mr. Donald Trump.

3 years ago before meeting her husband Donald Trump, Melania Trump was captured in a nude shoot with another female model and these bombshell pictures were obtained exclusively by The Post show. The pictures, a lesbian based themed, are from 2-day photoshoot in 1995 in Manhattan when Melania Trump was modeling with the name “Melania K.”

In one of the photos, Melania is lying completely nude in a bed and another model named Emma Eriksson, who is also naked, embraces her just below her breasts (which are fully exposed) from behind.

In another picture, Eriksson wearsa sheer stockings, long robe, a low-cut bustier and high heels which were designed exclusively by John Galliano — and raises a whip as if she is about to spank Melania, who is pretending to recoil.

Public Reaction.

On social media, the reaction ranged from admiration to outcry.

Some have completely dismissed it, calling the Trump's personal matter, while some ask whether it’s a campaign to damage the image of both Melania and Donald Trump.

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